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Special Glass Constructions
Special Glass Constructions

ANASTASIOS M. TAOUXIS undertakes any kind of construction from glass or plexiglass and all these years we have created a large portfolio of constructions in dining and entertainment areas (e.g.: glass moving sheets (harmonica style), lifted sheets, stairs, mirrors, special constructions, etc.), in shops and offices (e.g.: shop windows, automatic or stable doors, glass floors, security glasses, etc.) and houses (e.g.: glass shower cabins, internal doors, atriums, covertures, balconies, special glasses for kitchens, mirrors, etc.). The result has always been impressive.

Indicatively, we refer to the glass moving sheet system (harmonica style), where our company has an extensive experience, having provided its services to numerous businesses and houses.

The glass moving sheet system (harmonica style), has lately been the most preferable choice of food and entertainment areas, as it provides the ability to operate both as closed areas with almost no heat losses in the winter, as well as (semi-)opened areas in the summer. This system can be also used in houses as a separator of outdoor spaces and terraces.

The system consists of  a "clever" and useful mechanism with the ability of putting together unlimited number of independent glass sheets for many different applications. The sheets are moving easily and noiseless with rollers through a driver put on the roof.  When we want to close a space, they unfold, while we want to open a space they fold and get hidden in a secret place. In this way, on the one hand they don't occupy useful space and one the other hand they remain invisible. Therefore, apart from their excellent functionality, they provide the area with high aesthetics and are an ideal choice for every place.

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